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"Brand is what others say about you when you're not there."

- Jeff Bezos

About Us

Optimum Financial Solutions aims at delivering digital technology oriented, top-notch, innovative solutions to the finance domain empowering Financial Advisors, Asset Management Companies, Corporate companies and Banks to outperform beyond their business boundaries and grow their businesses.

Established in 2011, we pioneered the financial planning model for financial advisors with customized cloud based financial planning solution.
Recently, we have been more focused towards providing robust, affordable business solutions to the Mutual Funds Industry.

In February 2017, we launched - ‘GoDigital’ - Robust yet an affordable cloud based technology platform for IFA(s).
GoDigital was developed in collaboration with Kotak Asset Management Company.

In its first year itself, GoDigital proved successful in acquiring 900+ satisfied IFAs….and now counting 1000+

With just 5 employees back then, we currently have a team size of 100+ employees.
We take much pride in cultivating an inspiring workplace, with a dynamic and high performance driven work culture.

Since our Launch in 2011

1000 +
20 +
Corporate Clients
20 +
Customised Solutions
20 +
Complete White Labeled platform for IFAs to withstand in today’s competitive era and grow business efficiently.
Solutions for
Independent Financial Advisor


A complete white labeled platform under your brand name, with features loaded to unload your work.
GoDigital is a anytime, anywhere access cloud based platform with hassle-free online transactions facility and back office software for client servicing under own brand name website and Mobile App on Android Playstore

Customised Digital Online Platform solutions for the finance sector.
Customised Solutions


Digital technology oriented hi-tech, top-notch, innovative solutions for the finance domain, empowering Financial Advisors, Asset Management Companies, Corporate companies and Banks to grow their businesses.
We have build platforms like Edelweiss Partners, HDFC sales, SMC securities, Ventura and many more..

Advisors Speak..

Naresh Patel
Mumbai, Maharashtra

       With GoDigital we are reducing demographic distance and as distributor we serve clients from any corner of India as well as NRIs.The pricing is reasonable with a very nice User Interface that too under our own brand. Transactions are also pretty simple.GoDigital serves the purpose.

Tushar Rathod
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

       Most of my clients are youngsters and want everything on the go like even for ordering food they have a separate App. Considering their tastes and habits, Giving them my own Mobile App creates a great connect with them.
Mobile App is fantastic; App design is good, easily understood by clients.
I would recommend GoDigital to all distributors.

        To compete as well as another reason for having a digital platform is that now-a-days clients want personalised services and Mobile App where he can track his investments.
Where other software companies are providing app under their company name, with GoDigital we have our own white labeled branded application under our name.
We are creating our own brand.
Thanks to Kotak MF for this GoDigital initiative.

Ravi Vishwakarma
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

        My service calls have decreased. Mobile App helps in Business Development.
The application is good and transactions have become paperless and time saving via Online Transactions feature.
Good Initiative taken by Kotak MF.
Why wait? – GoDigital.

Prakash Yelavatti
Hubli, Karnataka

        In India, most of the population is in the age bracket of 21-45, where people use more of Internet and technology.
Now-a-days, majority of people prefer online services.
If IFAs like me are enabled with a Technology platform like GoDigital, we don’t have to put too much effort on the servicing part and can independently focus on our business.
I am quite satisfied with GoDigital!
Online Transaction is truly amazing. The service is also good.
I would recommend this product.

Vyom Srivastava
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

        I personally recommend my clients to use more of online digital services. With the help of technology and online services, we can cater all clients, like NRI too. GoDigital platform helps in expanding business in all corners of the world.
I found the Online Transacting facility very good. Having a website and a mobile app under my name is amazing.
As I am getting a personal RM, my queries are addressed and resolved quickly.
I am overall very happy with GoDigital

Prafful Mankar
Nagpur, Maharashtra

        I don’t have to worry about my client servicing after my subscription to the GoDigital platform.
There are important activities which can be done easily with help of GoDigital platform and so I can work in a competent way.
With the help of Mobile App, my clients can view their portfolio or reports on their own.
GoDigital is helping my clients to Transact Online with ease and convenient. Auto upload of business data and transaction facility are excellent features provided by the company. No other Mutual Funds Back Office Software provider does that at such a low cost.
Thanks to Kotak MF for their collaboration with Optimum.

Govardhan Reddy
Hyderabad, Telangana

        For an IFA, sending reports and investment valuation is very important.
With features like clients able to view their portfolio on their own, as well as for us sending reports is so easy and convenient due to which Client Servicing has become so hassle free.
And especially with the Mobile App, existing clients as well as new clients are delighted and interested to engage with me.
GoDigital is a must-have platform.

Santosh Kumar Srivastava
Nashik, Maharashtra

       Having GoDgital platform, saves time as well as other expenses like travelling or man power cost. With less human intervention chances of error involved in physical procedures is also less. With GoDigital, I am improvising as well as increasing my business.
As the Mobile App is under my own name it creates my brand image. Client servicing has become easy as clients can now login and view their entire family’s portfolio without my assistance.
My experience with GoDigital is good.

Hetal Patel

        Especially after demonetization many important servicing activities like KYC documentation and other miscellaneous have come up.
In such context having a platform like GoDigital plays a vital role. It helps in reducing the service requests, requires less man power and thus human error is less.
IFA can give more attention to activities which help to procure new clients and business growth.
After subscribing to GoDigital my servicing requests have reduced.
Giving transaction facility under my own branded app has amazed my clients.
My clients are very much focused about being engaged with me.

Amit Battu
Nashik, Maharashtra

        Overall experience with GoDigital is splendid.
After giving online access to my clients, they can view their portfolio and reports as well as they can transact online easily, without my intervention.
So I am able to concentrate more in acquiring new clients and work in an organized manner too.
With beneficial features, GoDigital platform is a super value for money.

Ashwin Kulkarni
Nashik, Maharashtra

        GoDigital, being a cloud based application, can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
That’s simply great!
The pricing is reasonable.
My experience with GoDigital is good.

Dewin Kothari
Nagpur, Maharashtra

        It’s Digital Era now. With the help of an online platform like GoDigital clients can also transact in any AMC and view their portfolio on the go whenever they want.
I can emphasis more on expanding my business and less on service part as GoDigital takes care of that.
Features like automatic updating of data, cloud base technology which makes the application reliable and I can use it wherever I have internet connectivity. I don’t have to rely on any specific computer.
My experience with the GoDigital is superb.

Madhavi Gadekar
Nagpur, Maharashtra

        The white labeled platform and mobile app of GoDigital is phenomenal and is helping in making me distinct in today’s tech-savvy world.
Along with the ease to understand reports, there are admirable other features as well.
The online transaction facility is awesome.
The price is quite affordable. I never had any issue in the service or the software and I hope such service stays forever.
My experience with GoDigital is pleasingly excellent.
I had nothing much to ask for.

Mukesh Purohit
Mumbai , Maharashtra

       Amazing experience with GoDigital!
GoDigital helps me grow my business. It creates my brand image as I am getting Application on the desktop as well as the Mobile App which can be easily downloaded from the PlayStore.
I don’t have to focus much on the services part. I have given online access to my clients so that they can view their portfolio valuation as well as transact on their own.

Atin Khare
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

        GoDigital Platform has helped me to manage & grow my Business.
My clients are efficiently using both web & app which is under my name and they are able to do Purchase, start SIP, Switch & Redemption transactions on their own.
This saves a lot of time too and I am able to service my clients using paperless transaction feature of GoDigital.
GoDigital is Excellent! The Product & Services have been improved a lot after allocating personalized RM; I can call & resolve my queries swiftly.
I’m really happy with the services.

Vijay Paragavakar
Kolhapur, Maharashtra

        GoDigital saves my time and for an IFA time is most important!
GoDigital platform gives me an advantage to reach my clients on real time.
Like me, my clients can also transact or view their portfolio on real time basis, from anywhere, with the help of my own branded website and Mobile App.
My clients are very happy. And so I am happy!

Tulsi Kumar Nayak
Hyderabad, Telangana

        Being a completely cloud based online platform; GoDigital provides all the data which I can access from any place. That’s the major benefit.
I never found any service related issue. My RM is very good.
My experience with GoDigital has been wonderful.
GoDigital is worth the recommendation.

Amit Kumar
Faridabad, Haryana

        With this platform, my NRI clients are also able to do investments. It also helps me to focus more on my business and expand my presence.
My RM is very good.
Customer service is good at Optimum
My experience with GoDigital is excellent.

Bhanu Saxena
Faridabad, Haryana

        With the help of GoDigital, I and my clients can transact instantly wherever we are.
All my client information and investment valuation is available at one click.
My experience with GoDigital is first-class.
My services related issues are always solved on priority.

Ranveer Sanghera
Faridabad, Haryana

        With GoDigital platform client servicing experience has been good.
I can send reports to my clients on time.
My experience with GoDigital is quite good.
My investors are happy having an app in their pocket which allows them to view their portfolio or transact online anytime, anywhere.

Naresh Kumar P
Bangalore, Chennai

        Technology is getting advanced day by day in all sectors.
I have only 24 hours a day and so has investors. For me it is practically impossible to connect to all existing investors or look for new clients.
A Digital online platform like GoDigital helps me in connecting to my clients instantly. It also maintains transparency at all times thus clients’ confidence in dealing with me increases. Once the confidence is there, it becomes easy to handle clients and their concerns.
I am able to give real time services.
It’s a good partnership between Kotak MF and Optimum. I got the platform at a subsidized amount. And my experience with GoDigital is good.

Nilesh Kasliwal
Aurangabad, Maharashtra

        Experience with GoDigital is sublime!
Servicing part has improved a lot and is good now. GoDigital helps us in creating my own branding and image. That helps in marketing my business.
After using the mobile app and website, my investor’s response is very good.
I recommend GoDigital to other IFAs, because it’s a nice product with great features.

Shashi Sharma
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

        It’s a good collaboration between Kotak MF and Optimum.
My investors are delighted with my own name App and the services I am able to give.
Family level reports are admirable. There are other good features like E-locker Facility, Calculators, Factsheet and Focused Funds.
Undoubtedly, I suggest this product. GoDigital!

Vaibhav Agarwal
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

        In today’s digital world there is a need of having an Online Digital Platform.
My experience with GoDigital is good.
With GoDigital, I can fulfill my client’s expectation of online transaction facility and viewing portfolio whenever he wants.
I can work efficiently. I can see my client reports; clients who are not doing SIPs or whose SIP was bounced or terminated, help me a lot.
There are so many other beneficial features like valuable reports, handy e-locker & effective calculators.
The RM service which is provided is quite good. RM helps a lot in solving queries.

Jitendra Jaiswal
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

        My experience with GoDigital is quite good from day one.
I have not faced much of the service related problems. Whenever I call my RM, he just solves it on priority.
After giving access to my clients, they have loved the mobile app more than the website.

Manish Gupta
Alligarh, Uttar Pradesh

        GoDigital has very good features like Reports, E-Locker and Online Transactions to name a few.
After allocating an RM to me the service part has improved a lot. The issues are solved promptly.
My Investors’ response is also quite good.
My experience with the GoDigital is jubilant!

Neerja Bajpai
Agra, Uttar Pradesh

        GoDigital platform is the key to success, if we want to be in the competition.
White labeled is the best part of this product as it helps us to create a brand of our own.
GoDigital helps me in reducing service cost and enhance my business.
I will certainly recommend the product.
I am having great experience with GoDigital product & services.

Chintan Thakkar

        Kotak is among top recommending mutual funds brand & GoDigital is working with Kotak, which means they have great potential.
I am already recommending it to my colleagues.
I can do online transaction, create customer portfolio, save my traveling time & cost.
GoDigital platform is quite great to transact and GoDigital team is very supportive.

Janardhan More
Pune, Maharashtra

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